Monday, April 7, 2014

Not About Agenting at All

Even though I did do a few agenting things last week, the focus of last week was not agenting.  Not at all.  It was furniture.

I got sucked into the whirlpool that is Craigslist and found a great couch, rug, and Crate & Barrel bookshelf for our living room for a grand total of $310.  Which is crazy.  Also, the woman whose furniture I bought is an impeccably clean, very stylish lady.

It was a bit of a situation similar to if you give a mouse a cookie then he'll want an entirely new apartment.  Once I bought one of her couches, the bookshelf, and the rug, I started to look for lamps and coffee tables.  Then I went on Etsy and found these:

Birds Cushion cover 18"x18" -  Decorative throw pillow - Black White Gray Beige  Double/Full Custom Fabric Headboard
Click the pictures if you want the link to buy these too!

I am ordering both this adorable bird throw pillow and the very awesome headboard.  And looking for more stuff to buy.

Oh yeah, right, and reading...because I'll need money to pay for all this.


  1. That headboard makes me dizzy! Unfortunately, the living room pic did not show up, so I can't see how awesome her living room is.

    1. I'm going to get the headboard in plain white, so no fear for dizziness! And can you see the living room now? It's worth the wait :)

    2. Nope!

      As in, still can't see it. It says 'Displaying photo JPG' and then your caption, but still no pic.

    3. Well, my technology expertise ends here. I guess it will always be a tantalizing mystery!