Monday, March 10, 2014

Great Week

Had such a great, busy week last week!  I went to Brainwave at the Rubin and saw Dean speak with Zainab Salbi, and it was absolutely incredible.  My friend Shana came with me and said it was the best discussion she'd ever been to, and I have to agree.  They both offered such interesting insights into the idea of and their experiences with "evil people."  I picked up a copy of Zainab's memoir at the event and am looking forward to reading it.

Dean and Zainab at Brainwave.
I also went out to lunch with Alice Jerman, an editor at Harper.  We met in the randomest of ways: I saw her carrying a tote bag from BEA while I was waiting for a subway and basically just went over to her and introduced myself.  She is so nice, and it was fun to get to learn more about what she is looking for at Harper Children's over lunch.

Those were the two highlights of my week; the rest of the time, I have been pretty busy with the eleven things on my reading list and also with the restaurant opening.  I think I mentioned before that I am still working with the same restaurant group, just at one of their new restaurants, and they officially opened this past week.  I guess maybe I've gotten used to taking things a little easy lately, because the major influx of phone calls and things to do definitely threw me.

Good thing I had a weekend getaway planned.  I went home this weekend and relaxed with my parents and John, and allowed myself to get pampered and looked after, which was just what I needed.  Now I'm back in the city and gearing up to tackle all the things that I have to do!