Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm Back!

So these past two weeks have been holiday heaven.  In a very un-Carrie-like move, I abstained from all forms of work while I was home, and instead pretended that I was on winter break, like I had back in college.  I had a fantastic Christmas (my presents to people this year were way better than last year's - go me!) and a wonderful birthday/New Year's (although I barely made it until midnight before falling asleep).

Now that I am back in the city, I am digging into all things agenty with lots of vigor.  Some payments that I have been waiting on are trickling in and I'm getting ready to send out my first submissions of 2014!  I'm also hoping to have blurbs from Laura Bickle and Tracy Deebs for Jessica's book soon and can't wait to see the wonderful things I'm sure they will have to say about it.

Yay for Jessica and her book!  (Click the picture)

I have three books that I sent out before the end of 2013 that I have high hopes will result in deals at the start of this year (knock on wood).  I'm also looking forward to working with my authors who still have outstanding submissions or haven't sold a project yet - one of my big, big goals for this year is to make everyone a strong competitor, which sounds like I'm an Olympic coach but actually means that I want all of my authors to feel like they are strong storytellers who are mastering their craft, so to that end, I am taking a page out of Prospect president Emily's book and setting up annual strategy sessions calls with my clients.  Does that sound cheesy?  Beginnings always make me hopelessly cheesy and optimistic.  

Haha, get it?  Optimistic cheese!


  1. Glad you had such a nice break--sounds like you're raring to go!

  2. Jessica's cover is gorgeous! And I love your annual strategy session idea. Certainly a wonderful way to kick off the new year.