Monday, December 9, 2013

December = Stress

It is officially holiday time!  This year is very different from last year, because I finished all my Christmas shopping in November (go me!), so now all I have to focus on before going home for Christmas and my birthday is following up with/hounding editors and reading manuscripts.

Which is actually kind of a big deal.  I still have people from the summer that I haven't heard back from about various projects; Gabby's book has been with acquisitions for I think around three months at this point; I'm trying to keep track of all the payments that I am waiting for publishers to send for Dan, Susan, Dean, and Brianna; and I have a lot of different things out on submission and I'm dying to sell all of them.  Slightly stressful.  

While most of the projects I have out right now are on their first round of submissions, meaning that there are plenty more rounds in their future, for some reason I am really panicked about trying to land them all with an editor RIGHT NOW.  Maybe because it's the end of the year and for some reason my subconscious doesn't think we're going to make it to 2014?  I have no idea.    

I had a long phone chat with my twin (who isn't really my twin, just one of my best friends who looks a lot like me) and she made my day by sending me chocolates, candy, and makeup in the mail.  I love her.  I should really be the one sending her stuff because she is in med school in Wisconsin, and I have to imagine that is much more stressful than what I'm doing.

She helped me come up with a plan for attacking all the follow ups I have to do.  The goal is to tackle one project at a time and email/call the editors I haven't gotten responses from until I have all my outstanding answers for that submission, and then move on to the next.  Kind of simple as far as plans go, but it makes my brain feel better.  

Hopefully I will be able to get all my answers before Christmas fever sets in.  Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks, Carrie! Glad to have you on my side. I've barely started Christmas shopping, but I'm almost done revising RUNAWAY!

  2. I felt the same way last December - except from the writing side of things. I felt compelled to write, write, write ... and when I wasn't writing, I was outlining, rereading, revising. Basically, I was completely crazed. Add in Xmas shopping for my spouse and our three kids, trying to complete a couple of projects by deadline as an editor, and trying to keep from going stir crazy in a small house ... well, I came close to imploding. This December I have a much more relaxed attitude - not sure why. But I still know what you mean about end-of-the-year pressure. Just remember, if it's self-imposed, you can always un-impose it!

  3. your friend is thing at a time and you'll be fine! Now, eat that chocolate and dive into that makeup!