Monday, October 7, 2013

Mystery, Inc.

I posted a link on my Google+ page last week to Operation Awesome's blog, and if you saw, you probably were able to guess that I was their Mystery Agent for October!  I read through the first 250 words of 30 entries, and even though I was supposed to pick a winner, I ended up having two winners and two sub-winners ( I asked those authors to send me the first 100 pages of their work).  My two winners were New Adult entries and my sub-winners were MG/YA, so I wonder if my subconscious is on the lookout to board the NA train, especially since I am working with a fantastic New Adult author to polish her book a little and will hopefully sign her soon. 

In other equally fun news, Gabrielle was in the city this past Friday and I got to take her out to lunch and catch up.  Even more exciting was that her hopefully soon-to-be editor from Bloomsbury joined us so that the two of them could finally meet in person (aaaand I hope I just didn't jinx the book deal by writing that).

Gabby has been in a very unique and wonderful-yet-nerve-wracking situation.  The editor in question has loved her book from the start and been a fantastic champion for it.  She has had phone conversations and given in-depth revision notes to Gabby to perfect THE HOUSE BEHIND to give it a better chance of breezing through her acquisitions meeting.  Gabby and I have edited and added and tweaked to death, and now the book is up for consideration at Bloomsbury's acquisition meeting.  As I'm sure you can imagine, it is very rare for an editor to be this involved without having a signed contract filed away somewhere, and although it is absolutely amazing, it also can bring on the anxiety like nothing else.

I'm hoping to hear from the editor later this week, and in the spirit of Peter Pan, if you could all clap if you believe in book deals, that would be great.