Monday, September 23, 2013

Quality Italian

I got to do something a little different this week.  Instead of working at the restaurant, I was loaned out to one of our new sister restaurants, Quality Italian, to help them out with their office work.  It was kind of invigorating to be at another location; Quality Italian opened up at the beginning of August and is insanely popular.  They are an Italian steakhouse, and their food and atmosphere is incredible.

Amidst all that yummy Mediterranean glory is a teeeeeny tiny office near the marble staircase that goes up to the main dining room, and that is where I was most of the week.  I know the General Manager from when he worked at my restaurant, so it was pretty easy to get into the swing of things there.

Since they are just starting out though, things were beyond hectic and I was so busy that I didn't really have the time (or energy) to do much agent-y stuff, and I'm playing catch-up now.  I'm reading revisions for my lovely new author, Suzanne, and loving them, and also trying to read through my newest author's manuscript.  Her name is Susan Meyers and she is a professor who has written a bewitching literary fiction called FAILING THE TRAPEZE.

I've also been at work helping my other author, Rachel, on her proposal for her non-fiction project, and following up on a lot of summer submissions that have been lagging a bit.  Oh, and still hammering away at Brianna's contract!

I'm not sure if I'm going back to Quality Italian this week or if I'll be back to my normal schedule.  If I am back there, I'm taking full advantage of their menu.  One of their side dishes is a corn creme brulee, which may sound weird, but it tastes out of this world.  I've also developed quite a fondness for cannellini beans this past week...

Corn creme brulee, mmmmm.

If I'm making you hungry (Meghan), you can try to make the brulee yourself!  I found a great recipe for it online that I might try when I have some spare time on my hands.