Monday, September 16, 2013

I Have to Stop Reading QueryTracker Comments

I have known about the existence of QueryTracker for quite some time, yet somehow failed to connect the fact that I am now an agent with the idea that people would write about me on the website.  Most of the remarks were very nice, which made me feel warm and fuzzy, but their were a few that talked about being disappointed with my response, or lack thereof, and as soon as I saw those, I was glued to the screen.  

A lot of those people had emailed me their query directly, instead of using the Prospect submission form, and it made me want to defensively cry, "You didn't submit correctly!  You have to use the form!  It's mentioned everywhere!  My blog, the agency website, even on QueryTracker!"  I delete emails from people who submit that way, since it's our agency's policy and wouldn't be fair to the people who do take the time to fill out the form.

There was also one person who bemoaned the fact that it took me 176 days to reject him and that BLEW MY MIND.  If you submit to me via the online form, at most, it takes me a month to respond.  Where on earth did that guy's submission go?  I have absolutely no memory of having a query in my submission folder for six months...did I black out?  And did I respond with a form rejection or did I write something personal?  What was the query?  Does he think I'm a bad agent?  Arghhhh.

So yeah, I can't go on QueryTracker any more.  I imagine celebrities have the same limits when it comes to tabloids and pop culture magazines.  Oh, the negative side of fame.

Hope you're liking what you're reading there, Britney.

But kidding aside, whoever you are, 176 Day Man, I'm really sorry about the long wait.  I don't know what happened.