Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

I disagree, Garfield.  I love Labor Day.  It's always such a fun surprise.  Since it isn't a holiday with a set date, like Halloween or Christmas, I always forget it's coming until someone tells me they won't see me next Monday and then my brain gasps and does a happy cartwheel.

So to celebrate, I flew out to Vegas last night and am currently happily ensconced at at a blackjack table.  

Haha, no just kidding.  You all know I'm in Connecticut right now with my family.  I am very predictable when it comes to down time. :)

It is also nice to be able to use this long weekend to read some of my requested manuscripts.  There are some that I am very excited about, one middle grade book and one memoir in particular.  I made offers to those two authors last week and I am hoping that they will both accept.  I have a Skype date scheduled with one of them when I am back in the city, and will have some major submission following-up and contract stuff to do then, too.

But more about that next week!  For now, I am going to use the rest of my Labor Day to go swimming in the pool and maybe try making some yummy Barefoot Contessa recipes.


  1. I hope your weather is cooperative. We look like we've got another set of thunderstorms barreling our way after getting a deluge last night. Enjoy your surprise day off!

    1. Yeah, the weather was not conducive to pool time, but I swam anyways!

  2. Love Barefoot Contessa. I sometimes want to stake out cheese shops out east in the hopes I'll accidentally-on-purpose bump into her.