Monday, August 5, 2013

Why My Author Is Making Me Go Broke

First things first: Old Roommates are moved out; New Roommates are moved in; and minus the odd washing of a dish here and there, my life is cleaning-free and back to normal!

In celebration, I sent out the debut manuscript for one of my newer authors, Beth Ellyn Summer, this past week.  It is called THE INTERN DIARIES and it's very fun and fresh, and has already piqued a lot of editors' interest, so fingers crossed everyone!

This manuscript was one I always enjoyed reading throughout its multiple revisions, because Beth has a light, witty voice and provides a behind-the-scene glimpse into the life of a YouTube makeup guru: a world I know nothing about.

I don't really wear much makeup on a daily basis, but each time I would read a version of Beth's manuscript, I would find myself thinking things like, "Dior Amber Diamond highlight powder.  That sounds pretty.  Ohhh, Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss!  Like from Narnia!"  And then before you know it, I'd be going into the Sephora that is near the restaurant, and buying those things.  

This has actually happened quite a lot.

So I have lots of really pretty makeup now, and no intention of wearing it for the next several months until my friend Jay's wedding in November, because wearing it on a regular basis would also mean waking up earlier on a regular basis.  But since I have also been watching my fair share of YouTube makeup tutorials recently (and reading Beth's blog!), I decided that I would use all of the makeup I have purchased recently and apply it using all the tips I've picked up from these tutorials to create a "natural, glowing look."  

Here it is!  (Ignore the faint scar on my forehead.  It is my lesson to tread carefully during commuter hour in packed subway platforms.)

What do you think?  Does it look like I'm wearing makeup/am glowing?  Jeff, I'm especially interested to hear your thoughts as my only male subscriber.  That is, if you even made it this far into this girly, girly post.  :)


  1. aaww I love this!! and you look so pretty, you nailed it! I don't wear makeup on a daily basis either. My next makeup-y event is a concert next month, and I'm spending an embarrassing amount of time choosing my eye look haha.

  2. Hah, I did read all the way through! I have to admit, I never quite knew what 'Turkish Delight' was when I read Narnia. And I can't tell that you're wearing makeup, but I think we should hear more about that scar. And yes, you are glowing--mission accomplished!

  3. Oh, my scar story. It gets really packed on the subway platforms, especially when the trains are running behind schedule, and as I was on the way up the stairs, a woman rushed by me to get across the platform to another train, and...that's when my forehead connected with the edge of the stairs. Thanks, lady.

  4. That's terrible! Did she at least stop to see if you were okay? You look very pretty in the picture and very natural, so I'd say the makeup is a success!

    I never knew what "Turkish Delight" was either. I remember trying a chocolate bar called a "Big Turk" once and being really excited, because I thought that at last I would see why Edmund was so crazy about it. But I didn't enjoy the chocolate bar very much, and I've since found out that it isn't really a good representation of what the White Witch conjured up in Narnia. The mystery of Turkish Delight continues...

    Can't wait to read the THE INTERN DIARIES!

  5. Lovely! I'm fortunate to have two very face-talented friends to do my makeup/hair when photography is needed. Otherwise...I have some things, but no idea what to do with them. The most I've spent on makeup was on the eyeshadows that ThinkGeek put out, because they had names like 'Trenchcoat' and 'Blood Knight.'

    Best of luck on THE INTERN DIARIES! Sounds like a convincing read!

    And YIKES re: crazed ladies in subways!

    And finally: Turkish Delight. The bonus soundtrack to the latest film version of that magical book has a song all about turkish delight. And it is...snappy.

  6. You look fabulous and your make-up looks so natural. I still haven't figured out how to use it after all these years. And THE INTERN DIARIES sounds amazing! My fingers and toes are crossed, but I know that you'll find the perfect editor for it!