Monday, July 8, 2013

Roommates, Reading, and 'Ritmatic

Minus the 'rithmatic.  Because I never do math if I can help it.

In a weird, yet welcome turn of events (since it means I will not have to pack anything), I am going to be staying in my Jackson Heights apartment for another year with new Craigslist roommates.  Their names are Pam and Tom and they are very normal, which you might not think possible after reading the word "Craigslist," but they are!  Tom works in the marketing department at New York University Press, which means I will be bugging him for a year to teach me how marketing associates actually determine how authors receive marketing dollars, and Pam is a recruiter at a medical thingamajig who basically looks like taller version of me.

Jackson Heights, whooo!

Yes, it is much easier to be staying in my current apartment, however slightly stressful situations are broiling that involves me trying to do a lot of parlaying and task-mastering between Old Roommates and New Roommates.  Being diplomatic is not really my forte, as I'm sure my authors can tell you from my revision notes.  I am not mean per se, I just like to be able to quickly tell people what works and doesn't work and have them go happily forward from there.

Sarah and Laura are still determined to live in New York, but have decided to take their time finding an apartment and are waiting to move until the fall.  I'm sorry that I won't be able to live with them, but also (not-so) secretly gleeful that I do not have sweat, crushed fingers, and rented U-Hauls in my future anymore.

No, I can't!  And now I won't have to (at least for another year).

As for reading stuff, I was able to knock off revision notes for five projects over the past week, bringing the number of manuscripts I still have to read down to ten.  Three of the five things I did finish looking over are ready to submit, so this week is all about sending them out to editors.

And about puttying drilled holes in walls and shopping for mildew-resistant shower curtain liners and yellow-y/whitish paint.  Ideally from Amazon (don't kill me, editor friends!  I don't buy books on Amazon.).