Monday, June 17, 2013

Hunting for an Apartment Is Like Hunting for a Unicorn

My lease is up at the end of July, and kind of like jumping into the deep end of a very cold pool, I am girding up and moving into the city.  

Sarah, one of my best friends from college, is moving with me, as is another friend named Laura.  Sarah was actually the impetus behind the whole thing.  I occasionally would whine to friends about wanting to get out of Queens and explore different neighborhoods and she pretty much took what I was saying at face value.

I am excited about possibly living in Manhattan and living with my best friend, but there is also a small problem...

There are no apartments in Manhattan to move into.  

None.  They are all either insanely expensive or just not available.  Except for one glorious apartment in the best ever neighborhood on the Upper West.  It's near the Museum of Natural History and lots of really great restaurants and shops, and I love it.  The apartment is a walk up and it's kind of shabby and more than a little small, but I have my heart set on it.  Sarah and Laura have both been telling me not to let my hopes up until we see the realtor, but my hopes are sky high at this point.  So if you know anyone who can summon unicorns or rental agreements, please send them my way!  I WANT TO LIVE THERE.


  1. Don't you just love having friends who MAKE THINGS HAPPEN? Of course, it sometimes leads to trouble, but that can be fun, too.

    Good luck!