Monday, April 29, 2013

The Other Part of My Life

Last week after I successfully bullied one of my authors into starting a blog (okay, not actually bullied, she was quite game for it), she told me that she enjoyed reading my blog before she even signed with me because I wrote from the unique viewpoint of a literary agent just starting out.  She then asked me if I still worked part-time at the restaurant because I haven't posted about it lately.

I don't know why I haven't written about it, because having a behind-the-scenes view of an upscale, Upper East Side restaurant isfascinating.  It's kind of like a more hectic version of Ratatouille with people instead of rats and lots more filing.  There is a whole crazy world of printing menus, answering phones, and on-the-fly decision making existing on the other side of those swinging doors that your waiter comes out of, carrying your perfectly presented entree into the softly-lit, flower-filled dining room.

It's pretty much like this.

I wish someone had a manuscript about it that they could send to me!

My author, Brianna, is going to be staying with me this weekend so that she can attend Prospect Agency's annual Old Stone House Soiree (more about that next week!) and I will be taking her to the restaurant for dinner one night.  I'm looking forward to being on the other side of those swinging doors and sampling the spring menu.  

I already know that the filet mignon and our signature chocolate dessert are wonderful (thanks to all my sous chef friends!), and I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with ordering those items or trying some of the other dishes that I am constantly describing to guests over the phone. We do have a main dish with something called "ramps" in it that I'd be interested to try....anyone know what a ramp tastes like?

This is what ramps look like, which is sort of what I always imagined rampion would look like (aka the food in the witch's garden that Rapunzel's mother intensely craves).

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Author!

Got a new author this weekend, yaay!  If you read my Google+ page,  you know that this weekend, I was reading a revised manuscript that I had previously requested from an author.  Actually, she is one of the winners of my girly manuscript contest that I held on Love YA, so that's pretty awesome.

Here she is!

Her name is Kristin Lenz and she has written a fantastic coming-of-age YA novel called ON THE FRINGE.  It is about a girl named Dani, who is stuck in the foster care system due to her mother's spiraling addiction problems.  A la Pretty in Pink, she meets the boy of her dreams: a charming, rich boy named Cam who sees her for who she is.  She struggles to have her romance with him and also navigate problems with her mother, unaware that her quiet, history classmate Todd is also falling for her.  But Cam starts becoming increasingly jealous and controlling, and after he convinces her to break one of the foster care home's biggest rules, she is forced to make some serious decisions: Cam or Todd?  Her mother or herself?

I'm really psyched to be working with this author!  I'm mailing out our author-agency agreement this week for her to sign, and working on my other authors' revisions in the meantime!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Which One of My Authors Is Your Perfect Match?

I have a little quiz for you this week!  It took me forever to make these questions work out, so I hope you have fun doing it!  Also if you are one of my authors and notice that your blog is not listed here (because you don't have a blog), fear not.  I will bully you into getting one soon :)

1. If I had to choose a film for a movie night, I would pick:
a. The Woman in Black
b. Strangers on a Train
c. The first season DVDs of all the History Channel series
d. HBO's Warm Springs
e. Blood Diamond
f. Seven Years in Tibet

2. Friends usually describe you as:
a. Quirky
b. Dark and mysterious
c. A trivia master
d. Passionate about the environment
e. Interested in other cultures
f. A Sinophile

3. My personal hero is:
a. Lyra Belacqua (character from THE GOLDEN COMPASS)
b. Dennis Lehane (author of SHUTTER ISLAND)
c. Napoleon
d. FDR
e. Nelson Mandela
f. Gong Li

4. For vacation, I would like to go to:
a. A haunted B&B in Maine
b. St. Lucia in the Caribbean
c. On an archaeological dig in Rome and Greece
d. Yellowstone Park
e. Uganda
f. Hong Kong

5. My great fear is that:
a. No one likes me
b. Monsters are real
c. I will be forgotten by history
d. Natural spaces will be overtaken by urban environments
e. Violence will win out over peace
f. I will never get to live in another country

If your answers were mostly 'A's, you should visit my client Jessica Arnold's blog...and also be on the lookout for her upcoming YA novel, THE LOOKING GLASS!

If your answers were mostly 'B's, you should visit my client Dan Newman's blog and website...and also be on the lookout for his upcoming thriller, THE CLEARING!

If your answers were mostly 'C's, you should visit my client Brianna DuMont's blog!

If your answers were mostly 'D's, you should visit my client Erin Peabody's blog!

If your answers were mostly 'E's, you should visit my client Esther Harder's blog!

If your answers were mostly 'F's, you should visit my client Susan Blumberg-Kason's blog...and also be on the lookout for her upcoming memoir, GOOD CHINESE WIFE!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Patience Is a Virtue

So as you may remember, I have been dangling in limbo, waiting to hear back from two different editors about two different projects. I'm still waiting...kind of.

One editor would like to see certain changes made to the manuscript before she takes the book on, and very kindly has written a detailed outline of revisions and also had a phone chat with my author, Gabrielle, last week to discuss her suggestions.  I am very excited that the editor was willing to share her time and thoughts with us, and am hopeful that we will be able to enact her desired changes in this new version!

The editor for the other project (a children's series by my client Brianna) is still very enthused about it, but her imprint is only just beginning to build its children's non-fiction line, so we are waiting to see if the project will fit within its focus.  In the meantime, I am following up with other editors who are still considering the project to see if there is any interest with any of them.  Fingers crossed!

Also beginning to work on revisions for a second round of submission with two of my other authors, Esther and Sara!  They each have editors that have asked to see their manuscript again once they have revised, so I'm hoping that by looking at the editorial feedback for each project and brainstorming on how to go about revising, all of these projects will develop beneficially and attract an editor's eye.  

Lots of Round Twos, here we go!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Productive and Proud

I was insanely productive today, and also insanely proud of that productivity.  So proud, in fact, that for a moment I felt like someone from THE GIVER who drank the Worker Bee Kool Aid.

To be fair, I accomplished an enormous amount today.  This is what I did:

1. Read and annotated an entire requested manuscript
2. Looked over my client Esther's new chapters and made notes
3. Proofread a draft of Prospect Agency's Old Stone House Soiree booklets!
4. Followed up with editors for various projects and submissions
5. Went through all of my submissions and requested or rejected accordingly, and also answered all of my emails
6. Had two phone dates: one with one of my authors, and one with a potential client
7. Updated the Prospect Agency mail log
8. Looked over my client Jeff's new round of revisions for his proposal
9. Started reading two other requested manuscripts and making notes of revision suggestions.
10. And just to go the distance, I also re-folded and organized ALL the clothes I own.  Sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, pants, underwear, all of it is now neatly folded and organized by color in my dresser drawers.

...Oh yeah!  Aaaand:

11. Posted a new blog post!  And a +1 Post on Google+.