Tuesday, February 19, 2013

INK and Other Things

I am in the midst of reading a great book, INK, by Amanda Sun, which pubs in July.  It's a gripping story about a girl who moves to Japan and develops a strange relationship with gloomily handsome artist Tomohiro...and when she's with him, his drawings come to life in dangerous ways. 

This is a book that I'm completely jealous of.  It makes me frown and say to myself, Why on earth didn't I find that author????  This book was an ARC that was sent to Emily at the office, and which I shamelessly stole to read for myself while on the train to and from Connecticut during my vacation.  It is apparently the first in a series of books called The Paper Gods, which makes me angry.  Kiera Cass's THE SELECTION was also the first in a series (I made John pre-order the sequel, THE ELITE, for me on Amazon), and now I'm completely hooked on both books and impatient for the next ones to come out.  Why can't series be released all at once?  Harry Potter, for example, would have been so much better that way.

I did, however, find (count 'em) four great authors through Monica's contest.  I'm excited to read the first 100 pages of both Melissa H.’s UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Kristin Lenz's ON THE FRINGE, Beth Ellyn's THE INTERN DIARIES, and Talynn Lynn’s TOUCH OF DESTINY sometime soon.

And also to get some of my clients' books rolling.  I haven't heard back from the editors who are still considering my projects (worry! worry! worry!), but I'm happy to say that cover art is on the way for Dan Newman's THE CLEARING!  Exhibit A, Dan's publisher, released their first four book covers and his editor, Emlyn Rees, will be meeting with the art director to start talking about Dan's cover.  Yay!

P.S.  Now all the text in my post is gray...does anyone good at blogging know why this is?!?


  1. The text color is probably a default associated with your template. It is pretty hard to read, that's for sure. Go into the template section of your 'settings'. There should be a little mini picture of your blog with two buttons underneath: Customize, and 'Edit HTML'. Click customize and then click on 'advanced.' That should open up a bar with choices on font, size and color. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks! Now I have other problems but argh I give up!

  3. INK sounds amazing! I always love to see new books (especially YA) with multicultural settings. And how brilliant would it be to have a series come out all at once.

  4. So glad I saw Monica's Love YA blog post in time for your contest!

    I get tripped up with blog settings too. The gray text doesn't bother me here on your site, but the yellow is very difficult to read - at least on my computer. Not on the sidebar - the yellow text shows up clearly there against the gray background, but the yellow text against the white background is almost impossible for me to read - I had to guess where to click for comments. :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Argh I just spend 10 minutes fiddling with my setting and I can't figure out how to change the color of the yellow text in my posts/comments without also changing the color of the links on the sidebars. My old roommate is a computer programmer and who is away at grad school in London, but I am very tempted to get him to try and solve this for me (even though I think it's 1:00am for him...).