Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still Not Famous in 2013...Just Older

Happy New Year!  I made it through the start of 26 without too much anxiety, and now with another year under my belt, I'm ready to make 2013 my best agenting year to date!

I'm getting ready to submit a few more projects soon, which is always fun.  The submission phase is the euphoric part of the process when all the manuscript editing has been finished; lots of the editors you contact agree to read the submission and tell you that they're intrigued by the idea of the story; and you have nothing but high hopes that the book is going to land with the perfect editor and get a fantastic advance.

With all these optimistic thoughts buzzing in my brain, I decided to Google myself yesterday.

Sadly, if you just Google "Pestritto," my cousin RJ trumps me for notable mentions, as does a Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto (she's the fourth search result), who I'm going to assume I am related to, as I don't think there are a ton of Pestrittos dancing around everywhere like the Smiths or the Millers, but I've never heard of her before.

New Year's Resolution: Get more famous on Google.