Monday, January 14, 2013


The Young to Publishing Group sent me an email the other day with an offer to join something called Riffle.  I read an article about it in PW and learned that Riffle is a new Facebook app for finding and sharing books.

It looked like something that would be a lot of fun to join, as well as another way to boost my social media street cred, which I freely confess is pretty low.  I know that I'm supposed to be part of the generation that lives and breathes Twitter and Pinterest, but honestly, I don't get the appeal and I DON'T have the time!  Whenever I see other literary agent's GoodReads, Twitter, and Facebook pages, I have mini awe-seizures.  Where to do they get the time?  How to do they have super cool websites where a flower opens up when you click on it and then you can see all of their upcoming events and "follow" them????

What is that????
Riffle seemed like a social media site that was both trendy and a little more my speed.  After all, you just post about books you like and are currently reading.  What sounds scary about that?

Everything.  I joined Riffle through the YPG link and admired all the cool profiles and pretty book covers (all literary agents and editors have a weakness for book covers) and then started building my own profile by answering the provided questions.

"If you could only save a few books from a fire, which would they be?"  "What are your absolute favorite YA books?"  "Which books would you hope your soulmate has read? "What books make perfect vacation reading?"

WAGHHH!!  They are not questions to be answered lightly.  "If I could only save a few books from a fire..."  That is a question that is going to involve serious considering, the drawing up of lists, and sleeping on my choices.

If I were a purple unicorn, this is how I would look as I consider my answers to these Riffle questions.

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