Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being a White-Haired Juggler

Lately, I feel like I've been juggling a million things.  My mom commented that I sounded a little scatterbrained on the phone last night and, honestly, I am.  

I have "remember to do this" lists for my various "to do" lists, which encompass everything from emailing an editor with a follow up note if I don't hear back from them by the end of next Thursday, to trying to figure out if I really need to buy a flash drive and how many GBs I should get (I have no idea).

Luckily, I had a day this week with nothing scheduled, so I spent the morning going through some manuscript revisions for one author, and doing some comparative titles research for another.

They are both clients that I have been working with for a while, and they both are having some difficulty getting their manuscripts off the ground and finding editors.  Each author has fantastic ideas, platforms, and writing skills - now it's just about figuring out the little things to fully polish their manuscripts and attract the eye of an editor.

I don't mind though - nothing is perfect to start with and part of me enjoys bending my brain every which way in order to help them find the best format or plot arc to make their books just right.  This is probably an extension of my school-day enjoyment in doing the legwork for research papers (...I know).

Had an awesome lunch with an editor from HarperCollins this week and she gave me some great books to read.  She is currently considering a middle grade submission from one of my authors and I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it - I'm supposed to hear from her next week!

Once I hear from her and wrap up everything else on my to do lists (and Restaurant Week ::cough-MONTH:: is finally over) guess what I'm going to do!  GO ON VACATION!

Granted it's a fake vacation - I'm going to go home for a week around Valentine's Day and spend time with John and my parents - but still.  I am very excited about it.

P.S.  I HAVE A WHITE HAIR!!! AHHHHH! I knew turning 26 was going to be a disaster.  This vacation obviously needs to happen ASAP.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything Is Crazy and Restaurant Week SUCKS

This past week has been CRAZY.  I've been busy wrapping up all my contracts (they are all  finished - huzzah!); submitting two new projects to editors; and working at the restaurant.  It's Restaurant Week, which means I want to stab the phone because it is ringing off the hook - all of its six lines.
ARGHHHH!  Don't do it!

I'm going to relax a little bit today, though, and start reading revisions for RED SKY IN THE MORNING an adventure historical fiction about Blackbeard written by my recently-signed new client, Meghan Masterson! She does such an amazing job with Blackbeard's voice!  I really like him as a character and as I read, I imagine I am in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. 

Also came upon a really exciting submission in my Inbox yesterday!  I'm crossing my fingers that when I read the sample chapters, it will be as good as I think it is going to be!

Monday, January 14, 2013


The Young to Publishing Group sent me an email the other day with an offer to join something called Riffle.  I read an article about it in PW and learned that Riffle is a new Facebook app for finding and sharing books.

It looked like something that would be a lot of fun to join, as well as another way to boost my social media street cred, which I freely confess is pretty low.  I know that I'm supposed to be part of the generation that lives and breathes Twitter and Pinterest, but honestly, I don't get the appeal and I DON'T have the time!  Whenever I see other literary agent's GoodReads, Twitter, and Facebook pages, I have mini awe-seizures.  Where to do they get the time?  How to do they have super cool websites where a flower opens up when you click on it and then you can see all of their upcoming events and "follow" them????

What is that????
Riffle seemed like a social media site that was both trendy and a little more my speed.  After all, you just post about books you like and are currently reading.  What sounds scary about that?

Everything.  I joined Riffle through the YPG link and admired all the cool profiles and pretty book covers (all literary agents and editors have a weakness for book covers) and then started building my own profile by answering the provided questions.

"If you could only save a few books from a fire, which would they be?"  "What are your absolute favorite YA books?"  "Which books would you hope your soulmate has read? "What books make perfect vacation reading?"

WAGHHH!!  They are not questions to be answered lightly.  "If I could only save a few books from a fire..."  That is a question that is going to involve serious considering, the drawing up of lists, and sleeping on my choices.

If I were a purple unicorn, this is how I would look as I consider my answers to these Riffle questions.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life with an iPad Mini :)

Slowly getting back into the swing of things this week.  I've been catching up on reading and following up with various submissions and contract notes.  I'm excited to hear back about a couple of projects - I won't say anything just yet, but I'm hoping to kick off the year with some awesome deals to report!!!  I'm also very happy because, when I was in the office the other day, Emily mentioned how proud she was of how I've been doing at the agency.  Go me!

In other news, I have to admit, a serious chunk of my life this past week has been playing with my iPad mini.  John got me one as a Christmas/birthday present and it's so cool!  I've been uploading manuscripts to read on it even though I'm right next to my laptop. 

And in case you want something to be obsessed with, there is a free game app for GodFinger All Stars.  The description for the game reads, "Be an All Star: Awe and terrorize your followers with godly wonders; send followers leaping through the heavens in the new Jump Game mode; and collect Follower Stars to power up your minions."  It is hilariously addicting!  With that and Words with Friends, I basically have all my free time booked for the next year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still Not Famous in 2013...Just Older

Happy New Year!  I made it through the start of 26 without too much anxiety, and now with another year under my belt, I'm ready to make 2013 my best agenting year to date!

I'm getting ready to submit a few more projects soon, which is always fun.  The submission phase is the euphoric part of the process when all the manuscript editing has been finished; lots of the editors you contact agree to read the submission and tell you that they're intrigued by the idea of the story; and you have nothing but high hopes that the book is going to land with the perfect editor and get a fantastic advance.

With all these optimistic thoughts buzzing in my brain, I decided to Google myself yesterday.

Sadly, if you just Google "Pestritto," my cousin RJ trumps me for notable mentions, as does a Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto (she's the fourth search result), who I'm going to assume I am related to, as I don't think there are a ton of Pestrittos dancing around everywhere like the Smiths or the Millers, but I've never heard of her before.

New Year's Resolution: Get more famous on Google.