Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dan, Dan, He's the Man!

Best way to kick off the holiday season (besides already having all your Christmas shopping done - yeahhh!):  Selling a book!

I am excited to get to report that I have an offer for Dan's creepily fantastic manuscript, THE CLEARING!  I'm working on finalizing details with the publisher, so I won't say anything else at the moment except that I am sooo happy for Dan - this deal is very much deserved.  He is an amazing writer who has done a lot of work to get this story polished and perfect.

Trying to hussle together a couple more deals before holiday craziness/backlog sweeps the industry.  Crunch time!  

Also, I signed a new client today.  She has an awesome adult historical fiction manuscript about Blackbeard, which I absolutely LOVE...I've noticed that I'm taking on a lot of historical fiction projects.  My inner history buff seems to be coming out in full force!

P.S.  Have you read the news about Simon & Schuster?  Not sure how I feel about this one...