Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Contracts Contracts Everywhere

So many contracts!  Dan's editor, Emlyn, just sent the contract for THE CLEARING for me to look over, and I'm still negotiating the contracts for Dean's MURDEROUS MINDS, and Jessica's THE LOOKING GLASS.  I haven't had Dean's contract for too long, and there have been a lot of changes with Jessica's so I'm very busy trying to remember everything I learned from Sean Fodera's contract session way back when.

I'm so glad that I have Emily (our agency president).  I have to go on an admiration rant for a minute and say that she is the best mentor a girl could ask for!  She's been wonderful helping me navigate my way down Literary Agent Road (and Contract Cul-de-Sac) and I don't know where I would be without her.  Well, I wouldn't be at Prospect for starters...

It's a really interesting story, actually.  Emily (and most of the other agents at Prospect) are all former Writers House assistants!  When I stumbled on to the Prospect website and learned this, I was incredibly impressed.  I couldn't imagine just going off and starting an agency all by myself, so I emailed Emily telling her how much I admired her and asking her if she had any advice about how to best move forward in my career. 

And she emailed me back with a job offer.  She said she was looking to add another agent to the agency, and would I like to come by and meet with her? 

Crazy, right?  Crazy lucky!!

My mom's Irish, so I think this applies...

Okay, back to contract stuff for a little while and then I'm getting ready to go out, because today is John's and my one-year anniversary!  Cue the music and dim the lights!  It's about to get romantic...after I finish these contract notes...

P.S.  Had a brush with literary greatness this week when I confirmed Salman Rushdie's brunch reservation at the restaurant :)