Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey, Trains, and Troubles

I had so much fun at Thanksgiving!!!  It was great to see my family - my cousin, Scott, and his wife just had twins and they are the cutest things ever!  John loves children (He will literally just start making silly faces and playing games with kids he sees on the street. I think he freaks out parents who don't know him.) and had Eleanor's tiny hand curled around his index finger.

I was working at the restaurant last year and was in the city for Thanksgiving all by myself, so it was kind of a downer then.  But this year, I got to be with everyone!  I didn't want to leave.

John also had a holiday work party on Saturday so I left Connecticut after Thanksgiving, went back to New York for a day to work at the restaurant, and then took a train right back to Connecticut.  I was in transportation hell and if I didn't love him so much, I would have just used my day off to do some Christmas shopping - my friend Dasha went to Saks for Black Friday and got a black rabbit fur vest!!!  I was in shock...growing up in central Connecticut, Black Friday was usually not that classy.

...instead of to Walmart like everyone else.

As for agenting stuff, part of me is feeling pretty psyched that I've been able to sell some great books this year and have some more in the wings that I hope are going to find good homes fairly soon (fingers crossed!).  I also just did a video interview for DIY MFA, which was awesome - although I was freaking out about being interviewed via Skype and my hair kept getting in my face.  

The other part of me is feeling a teeny bit disillusioned.  I came into agenting with the idea that I would never drop a client, because I can imagine how crummy that feels and would hate to do that to someone.  Well, if you read my blog, you know that I've already done that.  And this week, I had to do it again.  It doesn't get any less shitty, no matter how cordial the parting of ways.