Monday, November 5, 2012

Things Post-Sandy

I was incredibly lucky this past week: my building never lost power or internet and all the grocery stores in my neighborhood were amply stocked with food and water.  Watching the news, it was absolutely horrifying to see the kind of damage that was done by the storm.  My cousin Katie lives in Alphabet City, and although she didn't have flooding, she was without power, hot water, or internet for several days and unable to take the subway uptown.  Her phone kept dying, but I was able to text her daily and make sure she was okay.

Hurricane Sandy: Live Storm Reports
Can you believe this image?  This is something out of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (which I made the mistake of watching during Sandy).

The Backspace conference was this past Thursday at the Radisson on 32nd, even though I thought that the city was completely dark past 34th Street.  The hotel must have a Man of Steel generator.  The conference went really well, even though it happened right after Sandy.  I participated in an agent panel with three other agents and led (by myself!) a small group workshop where I critiqued authors' opening pages.

I had a "first" during the workshop - usually there are always some aspects of an author's opening pages that I would like to see altered or improved on in some way, but this time, there was one author in my group whose first two pages I thought were pretty much perfect!  They were about a woman who returns to France after killing her father.  Obviously, since these were just the first two pages, I have no idea if she actually killed her father or if there are just mysterious circumstances that she was involved in that led to his death, but I hope to get the chance to find out!  I gave her and the other workshop participants my email so that they could send me their queries.

A picture of the conference.

After the conference, my friend Laura came and visited.  She lives in Chicago and I haven't seen her since college!  She was going to a wedding in Connecticut the next day, so I didn't get to catch up with her for that long, but we went to brunch in the city and did some shopping.  We stayed uptown and she kept commenting how you would never know there had just been a hurricane from looking at all the people milling around and from all the shops that were open and decorated with pre-Christmas glitter and lights.  Hopefully, the rest of the city will be able to recup as quickly.

P.S.  Thank you to all my clients and friends who checked in on me during the storm, especially the wonderful Jeff Cole, who offered to send me batteries and homemade pumpkin bread!