Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Are What You Wear

So I got a little stumped by something last week.  John and I were in Connecticut shopping for a wedding gift for a friend, and as we were gazing into store windows he said something about how he thought I was beautiful no matter what I wore.  That set off my vain girl alarm.  I asked him if that meant he didn't like the way I dressed, and he said, no, not really, it wasn't his style.  Which set off my really vain girl alarm.  I tried to strong arm him into saying that he changed his mind and actually thinks that I dress very well, but it didn't work.

When I go out into the world (i.e. for editor lunches) and I'm not just another anonymous New Yorker grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, I tend to look like a J. Crew catalog - something that has always made my mother very happy.  But when I'm just hanging around, I am a jeans/sweatpants and t-shirt kind of girl.  Keep in mind that John is a jeans and t-shirt kind of boy.  When I asked John what he would ideally dress me in if I were a Barbie, his response was, "Dark jeans, and t-shirts, and black peacoats."  First of all, that is clearly a very seasonal outfit and secondly, how that is that any different from what I normally wear (minus the peacoat, which makes me think of old fashioned sailors on the coast of Wales)?

Aren't I pretty?

Anyways, I will be at the Rutgers One-on-One conference this Saturday, dressed like a color-coordinated prepster, unless this whole thing with John sticks in my head and I end up going outfitted more like someone from a Levis catalog.  If you are cool with trekking all the way to New Jersey (or if you already live there), I will see you then!

P.S. I just finished reading a revision of a YA manuscript I requested a little while ago (it is about children coming of age while living in warring African tribes).  I'm totally hooked - I just made an offer to the author and I hope she accepts!