Monday, October 22, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I have had a lot going on recently!  I was excited because I had strong interest in Dan's project, THE CLEARING, from an editor at St. Martins, who unfortunately ended up passing; I had my hands full submitting Brianna's new series proposal and Scott's proposal for a group biography called THE TRANSCENDENTALISTS; and also with following up with other various editors.  Oh yeah, and contract stuff (THANKS, JESSICA).

While I was doing this, I am super happy to say that I also signed two new clients, both of them middle grade writers!  One is has written a coming-of-age story about three children who are part of different warring tribes in Africa.  The other author has written a book about a Darwin-loving Dutch girl living in Java during the explosion of Krakatoa in the late 1880s.  I made an offer for another book about a "blueprint" for saving the environment, but another agent snapped the author up before I could!  BLARGHHH.

It is exciting to have new authors to work with, in addition to my other clients.  I've been very busy reading revisions from them - I was actually joking with my client Jessica, saying that I knew they all collaborated behind my back and decided to send me their revisions all at once! 

One thing that happened recently that has been bothering me is something that I said (not too long ago) wasn't in the cards: I parted ways with one of my clients.  I won't go into the details of the situation, but I feel horrible about it.  He is a wonderful person and I did my best to help him figure things out and get him to change his project, but in the end, we were just in two different camps about how to best execute his idea and make it marketable.  I hate feeling like I'm giving up on something, especially when that something is someone's cherished project.  I think it was the best for both of us, though, and I wish him luck.

I've been at the restaurant on weekends lately, which has just added to the feeling of constant work-ness.  But now that I've mostly dug myself out of my reading hole (and I have Sunday off!), I want to do something fun this weekend.  Like re-read LJ Smith's THE SECRET CIRCLE trilogy, which I fell in love with as a teen (again with my weird penchant for alternate romantic endings, I wanted Cassie to end up with Nick!).  Apparently, there are two new books in the series, albeit ghostwritten ones written by a different author.  I'm tempted to buy them and see if they will feed my New Salem magic frenzy or if they will ruin the series for me, which I hope they won't!

Whooo weekend!

P.S.  I am going to a Halloween party this Wednesday that is being thrown by a bunch of Random House editors and the theme is THE HUNGER GAMES.  How do I dress?  All dystopian with pink hair and a dress in the shape of a triangle?  Or can I get away with gray sweats and say I'm from District 12?