Monday, September 10, 2012

Vive la France!

Whitney Lee, our foreign rights agent, had some exciting news for me this past week: She received a request in France for THE LOOKING GLASS!  Yay!!  Possibly my first foreign rights sale!!  I (and obviously Jessica, too) am very excited about the thought of seeing both French and English editions of THE LOOKING GLASS.  I haven't read anything in French sinceLe Petit Prince in high school, but if Jessica's book get published in French, I am going to make an attempt to dust off my language skills and read the translation.

Other stuff going on this week: well, lots of lunch dates, which are always fun!  I'm meeting with editors from Penguin and St. Martin's this week and phone-meeting an editor at Harlequin.

Also, STILL waiting to hear about THIEVES WHO CHANGED HISTORY and IMAGING EVIL.  Hopefully the publishing karma gods will reward me with wonderful deals for both projects (my boss, Emily, was waiting all summer to hear back about offers for a project of hers and now has a spectacular deal with an amazing publishing house!).  I've already decided that if I do get offers for these projects, I am going to reward myself for dealing with the stress of waiting for so long.  Probably with a purse. 

HA! I wish.

In other news, I'm reading some great manuscripts that I found in my submission box.  Both are middle grade/YA historical fiction and so far, I'm loving them both!  One is about the story of a young Danish girl during the 1883 Krakatoa volcanic eruption in the Dutch East Indies, and the other is about the interweaving narratives of young members of warring African tribes.  I can't wait to see how they end!