Monday, September 17, 2012

Hurrah for Psychopaths!

I am thrilled announce that I have an offer for IMAGING EVIL, a non-fiction proposal by my client, Dr. Dean Haycock.  The book explores recent discoveries about what MRI scans of the brains of psychopaths can reveal about brain function in these pathologically evil people.

Dean is a great writer with a fascinating subject and I am happy that we have found an editor who recognizes that!  

An example of a psychopath.  Not one featured in Dean's book, but still ;)

An awesome part of being an agent is when you get to call your client with news like this.  Dean has been waiting a long time while various editors read the proposal over the summer, so it was very gratifying to be able to call him and let him know that his patience and effort is being rewarded!

Although I have changed my mind about giving myself a purse-reward after finding a publisher for Dean (I was at Bloomingdale's the other day, and John and his little brother made fun of every single handbag I picked up), I am rewarding myself in another way this weekend: with the Big E.

It's like Disneyland for New England.

For those of you who grew up outside of New England, the Big E, or the Eastern States Exposition, is basically the biggest, most amazing fair in the entire world.  My parents used to take me every year and we would eat our way through the statehouses.  I already have my plan: clam chowder in the Rhode Island statehouse, hot dogs in Connecticut, cider doughnuts in Vermont, baked potatoe in Maine, fudge in New Hampshire, and a maple cream cone in Massachusetts.  

John has never been so I'm dragging him this year, even though he seems less than enthused about my fantastic food plan.  Is he in for a surprise.  We're going to leave there fat and happy and wishing we had bought two-day passes!

P.S.  Later this week, I will be attending an agent/editor "speed dating" event.  I'll let you know how that goes - I feel like it's either going to be totally awesome and I'll have a ton of new editors to submit projects to or the most awkward thing ever.  After all, we book nerds aren't known for being particularly adept with social graces.  For instance, me hiding in a bathroom stall at a Columbia MFA mixer until more people showed up comes to mind...