Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess I'm Going to Go Eat Worms

I am now officially friendless in New York.  Okay, not really.  But one of my best friends, Sarah, is leaving to move to California.  She is road-tripping across the country--stopping at really fun sounding places, like Charleston, Nashville, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Diego--and then going to work in the film industry in LA.  She was my last best friend still in New York.  Erin is in Korea (for now) and is planning to backpack around the globe, Grace is in grad school in Chicago, Darienne is in med school in San Francisco.  What the hell, guys?!  When we were graduating from Amherst, you were all about moving to New York!  What happened to the plan??

I have to say though, I am really proud of Sarah for moving to LA like this, especially because I would be terrified to move somewhere so far away and unfamiliar by myself.  I think part of me wishes I were brave like Sarah and Erin and were traveling around the country/world.

I studied abroad at Oxford for a year and loved getting to travel to so many new and different places.  I've always hoped that I'll be able to do something like that again.  John wants to travel, too, so maybe someday we can do something where we go to a new place every year.  I never got to Rome and I've always dreamed about seeing Egypt and exploring all over China. 

The hanging monastery in China.  How amazing is that??

There are places in the US that I've always wanted to visit, too: Jackson Hole, Charleston, Napa, Dallas, Twin Lakes.

Jackson Hole.  I want to breathe this air.

P.S. I'm really excited about an author that I just offered representation to!  Her name is Gabrielle and she's written a really great middle grade manuscript that alternates between the last day of Anne Frank and another German-Jewish girl named Lotte, who is an evacuee living in Oxford!