Sunday, August 19, 2012


Everyone knows summer is pretty slow in the publishing industry.  People go on vacation, we have summer Fridays (half days), things just wind down.

Summer drives me crazy.

Even though I occasionally whine about always having work to do, in truth, I am one of those crazy people who actually wants to be busy all the time.  If I'm just sitting around doing nothing, I go bananas.  Long subway rides are hell for me, because I have no cell service and usually forget to bring my planner or a book with me.  I go out of my way to find a route home that involves the 7 train, which runs above ground, so that I can at least call my mom and get life updates about her and my dad.

Above-ground 7 train, I love you.

The slowness of summer is grating on my nerves a bit because I have a couple great projects that editors are interested in and I'm waiting to see if I will get an offer for one (or both!) of them.  One is THIEVES WHO CHANGED HISTORY, which I've talked about before, and the other is IMAGING EVIL, this super cool project that details what MRI scans reveal about brain functions in psychopaths!  I would obviously love to see both of these projects at wonderful publishing houses and can't wait to hear from these editors.  However, since it is summer, they/their editorial board/their publisher have been away on vacation, their acquisition meeting has gotten moved, they've had stuff piling up that they're just getting around to reading, ARGHHHH.  I know they're not trying to make me feel like an impatient two-year-old waiting for Santa to show up, but that's who I'm turning into.

Is he here??????

DECIDE ALREADY!  I want to do my I-sold-a-book dance!