Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modern Family

Both John and my best friend Sarah are huge TV/film buffs.  They can talk about who starred in what all day long, and they did it last week.  John got to meet Sarah for the first time at her 25th birthday party last Thursday.  Initially, I was worried that they would have this awkward, stilted conversation, but as soon as John mentioned Breaking Bad, they were off and running, talking about their favorite shows and what movies they had recently seen.

I know absolutely nothing about TV or film.  I am one of those weird people who doesn't know who Emma Stone is and doesn't watch anything (apart from The Big Bang Theory and True Blood.  John makes soooo much fun of me for liking True Blood, especially because I can't stand Twilight!)

Okay, I know who she is now.

But I've recently added a new TV show to my obsession list.  Modern Family.

Cameron and Lily!

It is so good!  John got me addicted to it this past weekend and I devoured the first two seasons in three sittings.  My favorite character is Cameron, who adopted a baby from Vietnam with his partner, Mitchell.  Cameron is absolutely hilarious--he has this great line when Mitchell is trying to "tone him down" for a playdate with a bunch of other parents and their children:  "Sure, Mitchell.  Maybe if I put on a polo shirt and khakis everyone will think we're just two straight golfing buddies who decided to have a baby together."  I love it!!  If someone had a book idea for a quirky, non-traditional family a la Modern Family, I would be totally into it.