Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tanning + Reading

So. Much. To. Do!!!

Thankfully, I will be in Connecticut visiting my family and my boyfriend while I do it (I'm taking a super long weekend!).  I have a feeling that all the reading and editing I have on my plate will seem less overwhelming when they are being done by a pool as I eat my mom's blueberry muffins.  


In other news, I'm reading a manuscript that I found in my slush pile that I am really enjoying so far!  It is about a young girl who is part of Hitler Youth.  At first, Hitler Youth is basically like German Boy/Girl Scouts.  They go on hikes, camp out, etc.  But as Hitler starts revealing his agenda for the nation, the atmosphere in both her town and in her Youth group start to change and she is forced to make a decision about what her role will be in the new Youth group and in the Reich.

I'm excited to finish reading and see what happens!  Also looking forward to blueberry muffin/tanning heaven.