Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping for Boys Is Really, Really Difficult

My boyfriend's 25th birthday is in two weeks, and I have been under pressure to find the perfect gift for him, which has been hell, because:

1. I love him a lot, so I want his birthday to be special.
2. Twenty-five is a big birthday, so I want it to be super extra-special.
3. I already bought him the perfect gift for Valentine's Day (red and black Jordan sneakers), so I have to one-up myself.
4. It has been almost impossible to one-up myself, because I played the sneaker card too soon.

Apparently he and his brother exchange sneakers for every gift-giving occasion, but to be honest, I don't think that I would be able to successfully find another pair of sneakers that he would like (finding the Valentine's Day ones was one of the most stressful situations  I have ever been in!) and as I said, I want things to be especially memorable for his 25th. 

Michael Jordan, how do you come up with so many freaking sneaker designs???

It took some hard thinking, but I have finally managed to come up with the one-up gift and I am insanely excited/nervous about it.  Now that I have come up with his fabulous present, my next big problem is going to be keeping it a secret.  

I am horrible at keeping gift-related secrets.  I get really psyched about giving presents to people and also want to know right away if they like it or not, so I end up giving it to them early.  When I was little, I used to buy Christmas presents for my parents and when I couldn't contain myself any longer, give it to them as a "countdown" gift and then go out and buy a replacement Christmas gift the next day.  And then start the whole cycle over again until they either put their collective foot down or it finally became Christmas morning.

Open it!  Open it now!!

But I am trying really hard to restrain myself, because I know if I give him his present early, there is NO WAY that I will be able to find another one-up gift and I'll end up giving him something lame like socks for his actual birthday.  Restraint!