Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Second Time’s a Charm

So I finished reading RISKING EXPOSURE, the YA novel about a girl in Hitler Youth that I was excited about.  There was so much about it that was great and the author has a strong writing style, but there were several things that weren’t quite there yet.  For instance, although I was intrigued by the storyline, there were several elements of the plot that I felt needed to be worked on: plot threads to be expanded or cut, character relationships to be developed, and so on.

Finding a book that I’m on the fence about happens more often than you’d think.  I come across manuscripts that have a lot of potential but that still have important problems that need to be resolved.  Perhaps it’s that the writing needs some polish or the arc of the story needs to be refocused—whatever the thing is that I’m on the fence about, it is big enough that I don’t feel that I can offer representation just yet. That is when I do the next best thing.

I write the author a detailed email with my revision suggestions and then ask them to please submit to me again if they choose to edit their manuscript.  That way I can see if the author has the capability to execute the revisions I suggested and if the story is able to come together the way I am hoping it will.

I sent an email to the author of RISKING EXPOSURE and she is going to work on improving the story.  I’m so happy that she is choosing to do that and I’m crossing my fingers she will send it to me again once she is through.

P.S.  Back to Connecticut for John’s birthday this weekend with my super extra-special present in tow!