Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pondering on the Train...

Good news: I am definitely a gift-giving goddess!  Now that is it safe to share (although I don't even think John knows I have a blog), I went slightly overboard and bought him a laptop for his birthday.  I know, extravagant, but he doesn't have one and ALWAYS hogs mine to watch Suits and Dexter when we're together on the weekends.  More importantly, this way, we can talk on Skype and I'll get to see his handsome face during the week.  And there is the additional hope that he'll start checking his email.  Maybe.
Bet you he's just watching episodes of Breaking Bad.

As for agenting stuff, here is something I was thinking about on the train back to New York: is it okay to drop a client and, if so, under what circumstances?  I know that in an ideal world this would never happen, but the truth is that sometimes, agents and authors aren't able to work together successfully.  When I worked at Writers House, the agent I worked for dropped one of her clients when he rudely suggested she wasn't doing enough for him (they had been having communication issues for a while) and I also know agents who have dropped clients whom they end up not getting along 
with or working well with.  Conversely, before signing with me, one of my clients (who has a wonderful novel called SKY OF BRONZE currently out on submission!) had an agent who she ending up leaving because the agent wasn't a good fit for her.

If you find out that one of your clients isn't revising/working on his or her manuscript the way you want to, or if the two of you can't seem to communicate effectively, how long do you spend trying different approaches or make rounds of editorial comments for a manuscript?  And vice versa,  if you don't feel that your agent is doing a good job or if you don't mesh, how long do you send tactfully-worded emails for?

For any of my clients who read this, don't panic!  I do have some clients who are going through tricky revisions to craft their projects for submission, but as I've said in the past, I only offer representation to authors whose books I truly believe in, so I want to try every avenue possible to help them get published!  Plus, thankfully for me, all my clients are really great people and easy to get along with.