Monday, June 11, 2012

Merry Christmas!

BEA (Book Expo America) is one of my favorite events of the year.  It is the largest annual book trade fair in US and every publisher imaginable has booths where they exhibit ARCs of upcoming titles and current books.  It reminds me of Christmas for bookworms, mixed with that old TV show where shoppers had 10 minutes to run like crazy through a store and grab everything they could—does anyone know what I’m talking about?  I’m pretty sure it was called Supermarket Sweep

The maze that is BEA!

This past Thursday, I got to go to the Javits Center and walk around two huge floors filled with stalls of books.  It’s a maze and as you walk around, vendors handed you canvas bags so that you could stuff them full of all the amazing books you saw as you wandered.  I met with some great editors from different houses while I was there, including Alli Brydon from Sterling.  The two of us had an interesting talk about the kind of books we are interested in and also what life is like being a literary agent versus being an editor.

I ended up texting her after our meeting, because I snatched an ARC from St. Martin’s stall for a book by Matthew Dicks: MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.  It is the story of the imaginary friend (named Budo) of a nine-year-old boy called Max.  Max, who has some sort developmental disorder like autism or Asperger’s, is kidnapped by a paraprofessional at his school, and Budo must struggle with his own mortality and integrity to save his friend.

I went to Connecticut to celebrate my father’s 65th birthday after BEA, and finished the entire book during the train ride.  This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time; I was tearing up while I was pulling into New Haven.  I told Alli she had to make sure she got a copy!  I even ended up sending the editor of the book an email raving about it…hopefully she will be as understanding as Wes Miller and realize that I am not a crazy stalker.  Just an enthusiast.