Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Alarming How Charming I Feel

I have to share a letter I received today from someone who queried me back in December.  She had a great idea for a story and a strong writing style, but I didn't offer her representation at the time and instead sent her detailed revision suggestions to improve the manuscript.  I emailed her recently to check in and see if she had chosen to revise her manuscript.  This is what she wrote back:

Hi Carrie,

Wow! I have to be honest and say that when I read your email my heart did a little jump of shock and joy. I was so surprised that you not only remembered my book but that you took the time to let me know that you were still interested in reading it again! I probably shouldn't have been surprised, as you were so kind and gave me so much personal and detailed feedback on my ms. In fact, I think that I was a little bit spoiled by you. You were the first agent to read and respond to my book, and since then I have had five other agents request and read it, and each one rejected it with a "Dear Author" form that offered no feedback or reasoning whatsoever. I didn't realize how rare it was so to get such a personalized and helpful rejection, so thank you again for that.

It was so wonderful to hear that she appreciated the time and effort I put in to considering her manuscript!  She is currently editing her novel and I am looking forward to doing a second read.  Also, my ego is going to be puffed up for the rest of the week, and I am going to walk around New York convinced that I am the nicest, most awesome agent in the city. J