Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Do They Do It?

I went to lunch with an editor the other day who kept bringing up recent NYT bestsellers she had just read and asking me if I had read them, and if so, had I liked them?  All I could think of was:


It’s not that I never get to read for fun… I recently blogged about reading LITTLE WOMEN, but it took me almost a month to finish!  I once was doing an interview where the interviewer asked me what I was currently reading and, I have to admit something…I fudged the truth.  Sort of.  I told her I was reading Bill Bryson’s AT HOME and Adrian Tinniswoods’ PIRATES OF THE BARBARY COAST.  I had been reading them; three weeks before that I had read the first chapter of each before I got really busy.  And since I put bookmarks in both and fully intended on starting them up again when I could, it counted as what I was “currently reading,” right?

She is probably reading GOSSIP GIRLS.

You see, my job is something that I am always doing.  I read manuscripts on the subway; I read manuscripts on the train; sometimes if it’s a slow day at the restaurant, I’ll read manuscripts there, too. During my “down time” before I go to sleep, I read some more manuscripts and go through my submissions so that I can request to read more.  If I didn’t love it so much, it would definitely have driven me crazy by this point.  If, for instance, I were an accountant (and trust me, this would be on an alternate universe) and I were continually crunching numbers 24/7, by now I would have chucked my calculator at someone big and important while also attempting to run away from asylum workers.  

This all boils down to the fact that I’d really just love to know this editor's secret. How does she get all of her manuscript reading done to have time to browse through Barnes & Noble and pick up something that strikes her fancy?  I bet it’s interns….

The intern of a leisure-reading editor.